“Open Cities” is an event with the aim of promoting and enhancing our territory, rich of natural, cultural and artistic beauties. For this event, there are extraordinary openings of churches, monuments, museums and archaeological sites giving the possibility to visitors of discovering those treasures which are sometimes inaccessible. This is possible thanks to a strong collaboration between local authorities and operators.



“Cardoncello Mushroom Festival” takes up some tourist associations Pro Loco of the Murgia Land: Minervino Murge, Ruvo di Puglia, Spinazzola and Cassano Murge. During the event there are tasting of local food and specialities with “cardoncello” mushrooms, discover of local craft and ancient works. The main aim is to discover the cultural and natural beauties and to promote the local specificities. In fact, the landscape of Alta Murgia is the connector to the event offering the possibility to discover the spaces, the colours and the fragrances which are particularly unique in this season.

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“The better Crib” Competition is organised by the Tourist Association Pro Loco with the patronage of the City of Ruvo di Puglia and Local Authority of Culture and Tourism. This competition promotes the renowned tradition of cribs in our territory. In this occasion a commission of experts values the cribs through specific criteria: religious and emotive expressivity, dimension of the form, chromatic aspect, originality and skill in the use of materials.