THE HISTORY OF “Il Rubastino

Thirty-five years ago our Association needed to be present in the Ruvo’s society and to answer to the different needs of school, cultural and entrepreneurial sectors with the publication of a periodical which discusses history, monuments, art, agro-pastoral productions, mother tongue and so on.
The Company meeting, in discussing the activities to do in December 1968, decided to launch the edition of a periodical first with the greek name of “PYBAΣTEINO”, like the peuceta coin, and then with “Il Rubastino”.
The first number was distributed in March 1969, in this way the first redaction saw the light. The President, the Priest Vincenzo Amenduni, was the periodical director.
Il Rubastino is registered at the periodicals with the Decree n. 129 of 18th June 1969 of the Trani’s Court. Since 1972 the editor is Angelo Tedone.
Il Rubastino is free for members.